We take privacy policy very seriously with a simple and straight forward approach. For example, we would not sell your private data to any third party without your consent. However, for the purpose of improving our products, services or the relevance of our marketing efforts, we track your activity in our website using cookies, often supported by cloud services from external vendors which also comply with local privacy law, and abide by the same basic principles as we do. For more details please read our privacy policy: https://www.mylagro.com/privacypolicy.html
If you look closely at many competing shops, you will often see that the prices are not set by the farmer, and you won't be buying directly from the farmer. Additionally these shops work only with a small group of selected farmers to fulfill their demand. In mylagro you buy directly from the farmer; it is the farmer who sends the invoice for each sale and with his own prices. We don't handpick a small number of farmers as other competitors do, instead, we let any farmer join our platform through our free mylagro app. This is how we aim to democratize farmer's market access.
We have regular postings on our Linked In page, but if you have a general interest, please fill in our contact form. We make an effort to answer all requests.
We need all the support we can get to deliver on our mission and make our vision a reality (read more in about us: https://www.mylagro.com/aboutus). Just fill in our contact form, or send a contact request on our Linked In page (https://www.linkedin.com/company/mylagro/?viewAsMember=truehttps://www.linkedin.com/company/mylagro/?viewAsMember=true). We make an effort to answer all requests.
Mylagro enables you to purchase from local sustainable farms. That is our biggest contribution. We are also exploring ways to make our model fully circular and carbon neutral, but this is a process that takes time and is currently not feasible in all geographies.
All payments happen in advance and the farm receives the money 5 days after delivery to keep both you and our farmers protected. Each farmer has the freedom to define the minimum order value, delivery options (including in-farm pickup), and delivery days. For large wholesale buyers, we can create a wallet to avoid credit card charges.
Since we put farmers first, we decided to start first with the farmer app to enable farmers to easily publish their farms and manage their products. We are planning to launch a customer app soon. Stay posted!
You can only contact our farmers via our chat function. We don't allow contacting them by phone or by e-mail. Is not safe for either you or the farmer. Our farmers are legally bound to our terms and conditions and we have explicitly stated that this is a forbidden behavior. If you insist on this approach, you will be jeopardizing his account in our platform. Additionally, our fees are very competitive for the service offered therefore you shouldn't feel the need to circumvent our policies. We use our proceeds to keep innovating and delivering on our mission to help our farmers succeed.
Any registered customer can chat directly with our farmers for the purpose of making service or product clarifications, making special requests for the offer, coordinating shipments or simply to learn about his/her farm. Any other use of the chat is forbidden. Please refer to our terms of use for more information (https://www.mylagro.com/termcondition)
This will only apply for wholesale purchases, by requesting a quote. There is the possibility to add a message with your special requests. Additionally, there is a chat function to communicate directly with each farmer.
No, precisely the objective to make these quotes is to enable wholesale negotiations and match the best options for both the farmer and the buyer. You can even delete or reject unwanted quotes from your user dashboard.
Yes, you can either provide your e-mail address or your mobile phone number preceded by the country code (e.g. +34 932 20 80 69, our office number in Spain). We did this to make it easier for anyone to login, especially as many farmers don't use e-mail, however, we still recommend using e-mail whenever possible as e-mails are more permanent and don't get stolen. Mobile phones do. But please remember to login using the same credentials used to register the first time.
Mylagro is a market place where farmers only sell and consumers and business buyers such as restaurants buy. Consumers usually buy smaller quantities, and don't require a VAT Invoice, while this is the opposite for many businesses. Additionally, businesses that buy really big quantities can request to the farmers quotes with wholesale prices. Finally, our communications are tailored to the needs of each group.
We offer 24 hr. coverage within Spain, and we'll be happy to arrange wholesale deliveries from Spain to the rest of the EU.
We believe the best results are achieved by chatting directly with the farmer, however, if this doesn't solve your problem, we are here to help. Please call us at +34 932 20 80 69 or write to vanessa@mylagro.com
Within Spain: Products can be picked up directly at the farm or shipped directly to your doorstep 24 hr. from Tuesday to Saturday. We also offer the possibility to send refrigerated transport. Within the EU: we deliver either standard or refrigerated wholesales orders to the rest of the EU from farms in Spain.
We abide by the highest industry standards. Our site is SSL certified. Your payments, as well as the money transferred to our farmers is managed on a safe environment under EU and US regulations. We currently don't store your credit card information.
Yes, you can make a direct deposit of above 600 EUR to our account which we'll deposit to your wallet to use in several purchases. In this way, you won't pay any further transaction costs.
We send confirmations to your registered login details (either by e-mail or SMS) at every step of the process (order confirmation, products ready to be delivered, products in transit, and delivered products). However, you can also check a summary of all your orders and there status. Once you are registered and logged in as a user, you can click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen where there is a menu that can take you directly to review your orders and your invoices. Invoices can be downloaded in a spreadsheet. This is a particular useful feature for businesses that need to keep all their expenses accounted for.
Our transaction process guarantees that your money is safe. Unless you decide to pick up your products directly at the farm, mylagro takes care of the transportation. Our automated payment ensures that both our buyers and farmers are protected as your money will only be transferred to the farmer 5 days after your delivery is successful. Our site is SSL certified. Your payments, as well as the money transferred to our farmers is managed on a safe environment under EU and US regulations. We currently don't store your credit card information.
Our shopping basket is grouped by farm. Every farm may have a minimum order value, therefore only orders that are above this minimum value can be processed for each farm. Each farm requires it's own checkout since you are buying directly from the farm, without intermediaries.
It could be that the e-mail arrived to your spam folder, or simply, due to a network issue didn't arrive on time. You can consult your order status on the user dashboard once you are registered and logged in, just click on your user picture on the top right of the screen to see the menu options.
Since we deal with highly perishable products, there are no returns. However, you can request a discount to the farmer after the product has been received, if you provide enough evidence of the problem, ideally with pictures and other documents. If the farmer does not accept your request, the complaint will be escalated to the mylagro team who will personally take care of your complaint, and this will also negatively affect the farmer's published reputation.
That is because you are buying directly from the farm without intermediaries, therefore each farm needs a separate order that meets their minimum order and other sales conditions criteria. Similarly, the shipping costs are calculated by each farm's order.
Every farm has it's own check out process. That is because you are buying directly from the farm without intermediaries. Each farm's checkout process meets their minimum order values and other sales conditions criteria specific to them. Similarly, the shipping costs are calculated for each farm's order.
This is not possible on our platform as we don't feel this would be fair to our farmers. However, we show the % of transactions the farmer has completed without dispute. This ensures that either a correct behavior is rewarded, or on the contrary, that a farm which often receives complaints and escalations is easily identified.
Yes, any logged customer who has purchased a product can rate it on the mylagro website. That would help other buyers to either give recognition to the farmer for his work, or simply to suggest product improvements.
Notifications let users know when there is a new quote from the farmer, when an order has changed status or when there is an issue with his payment or wallet. Farmers will also be notified about requests for quotations and orders.
To publish your farm and products on the mylagro platform, you need to activate the green trading button on the left menu of the mylagro app. This can only be done once your farm profile is completed, after at least one product is entered with it's own price, and after your bank details have been verified.
Is important to note that you can either search farms or products. Ideally you should buy as many of your products list from one farm or cooperative to meet the farm's minimum order requirement, to minimize transport costs and the effort from the farm to prepare your order. We have three main product categories: 1) Crops: This category contains mostly fresh produce, or any product that comes directly from the land or from a greenhouse, usually in bulk form, but can also be e.g. packaged or even sliced. 2) Food baskets: These are baskets prepared by the farm, to suit different customer needs and tastes, a popular basket is e.g. a seasonal basket where each delivery contains a different assortment of products depending on the season. and 3) Farm Packaged Products: These categories are similar to the traditional categories you find in any supermarket as many farmers have also their own production of e.g. jams, cheese, sausages and many other authentic products.
We feel that if we are not learning, we are losing. We'd love to learn about your business and your ideas and suggestions to help us improve. We can't fulfil our promise of helping the world's farmers succeed without your active support. Please write to vanessa@mylagro.com
This category contains mostly about fresh produce, or any product that comes directly from the land or from a greenhouse, usually in bulk form, but can for example also be packaged or even sliced.
This category has similar groups to the traditional categories you find in any supermarket as many farmers have for example their own production of jams, cheese, sausages and many other authentic products.
These are baskets prepared by the farm, to suit different customer needs and tastes, a popular basket is a seasonal basket where every time you get a different assortment of products depending on the season.
These ranges are defined by the farmers themselves. Organic (green icon with a leaf), refers to agricultural products that were produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, or synthetic pesticides, but in many cases it means even more than that, as often these farms have taken care of using other important sustainability practices, such us regenerative agriculture, crop rotation or no tilling. Free Range (Yellow icon with a chicken) refers to animals that have not grown in a cramped room, this usually requires more space an effort, but normally results in healthier and stronger animals that are also better tasting; it is very likely that these animals didn't require antibiotics as they are less exposed to diseases from confined animals. Imperfect (Purple icon with an imperfect radish); this simply refers to appearance, that is color or shape; many supermarkets have strict requirements regarding size, shape and color to improve their displays, however, in many cases this is not related to taste or actual nutritional value, and worst of all, results in enormous food waste as farmers often don't have any other choice but to throw away these products. It is estimated that in the developed world, a third of the food is wasted.
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Our farmers can create QR code labels for their products. This will allow anyone to trace the origin of the product to the exact farm, date and even plot inside the farm. You just need to scan any mylagro QR code on a product using your mobile phone or the camera on your PC