How to sell your products through mylagro?

With a sustainable, efficient, and secure business model

Farmer success is our priority

Why mylagro?

Our vision is to democratize farmer market access, regardless of farm size, and to make the farmer the well-deserved hero of the food chain story. With the mylagro APP, you can sell directly to any type of customer: consumers, restaurants, hospitality businesses and much more.

Farmers grow the food served on our table, every day, but the relationship between food and people is changing. People want to know more about their food, they want more control over what they eat. And they want to connect to their farmers, moreover, the pandemic has changed the relationship between food and end consumers. People want to know more about their food and their origins. This has resulted in a strong interest in buying sustainable products from local farmers.

According to a study carried out by the consultancy KPMG, in the face of a post-COVID scenario, Spanish consumers will increasingly buy local and national brands. The firm Datassential has highlighted in their research on the pandemic and the consumption of fresh produce, that consumers determine if a product is sustainable when they know its origin, its agricultural practices and if the product is local.

The mylagro platform has been created with the farmer in mind. Mylagro works like your digital cooperative. We constantly invest in marketing, sales, logistics, and in improving our technology to provide the best user experience for both the farmer and his customers.

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how to sell the products of my farm


Receiving a fair reward for your work, agricultural practices and products is possible.

  • You define the prices

    Sell your products in retail and wholesale, with features in the mylagro APP that allow you to define the prices yourself, as well as the conditions of sale.

  • Delivery of your products in 24 hours

    Mylagro has logistics services with more than 500 delivery offices in Spain that allow you to arrive in 24 hours to any delivery point.

  • Intuitive and interactive APP

    The mylagro APP has been developed specifically for the needs and practices of the agricultural sector, allowing an intuitive use from any smartphone. The order management is done from your mobile device, and you can chat with customers to offer them an optimal shopping experience.

  • Increase your producer and customer network

    Creating or joining a cooperative is very simple. You can add team members to your farm or co-op account. Belonging to mylagro, you will have access to new customers through a new digital sales channel that complements your traditional sales.

How does it work?

With a very intuitive APP for the producer

Search for the mylagro APP in the Apple or Google Play APP stores.

Download the mylagro APP on your mobile device and sign up with your email or mobile phone number.


Create your farm and product profile

Create your farm profile with photos or videos and add the products you want to sell with their prices, photos, and descriptions. In addition, you can generate QR codes linked to your farm, product, lot, or harvest date.


Enter your bank details and sales conditions

Include your bank details to receive each sale’s payment. You are free to define the selling conditions as well as the availability of your product deliveries. Mylagro will automatically deposit the value of each sale (less a commission) into your bank account 5 days after successful delivery. Why 5 days? It is the period that we consider appropriate for customers to manage possible clarifications or file claims.


Sell in two ways depending on order quantity

Consumers, restaurants, and hospitality businesses will be able to place their orders on mylagro's website if there is a match between their search criteria and your product information. There are two purchase types:

  • "Order". The consumer picks the product and buys it directly for home delivery or direct collection in your farm.
  • "Request for quotation". For specific cases and larger quantities, for example: "I want to buy 500 kg of tomatoes and send them to this address". The producer receives the order request and sets the prices based on the quantities, packing and shipping costs. a request for quotation of your farm products created. If you wish, mylagro can support you in negotiating transport.

You track your orders!

It's important to keep track of your orders and to remember to change the status of each order. You will only receive the money corresponding to your sale once the order status is changed to "delivered". From the mylagro APP, you will find the instructions for the direct collection by the customer of your agri-food products in your premises or to deliver the order in any of our more than 500 collection points in Spain.


Communicate with your customers and manage your reputation

The mylagro APP allows you to chat directly with the buyer. Mylagro will publish the percentage of your completed sales that didn’t need an escalation or intervention from mylagro, so that you can manage your reputation. Remember that customers will be able to rate and comment on your products. Each product review helps you to improve trust and customer satisfaction.


Access your sales history

Through the mylagro APP, you can find all the billing and sales history. If you wish, you can export the data to your accounting system.


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