How to buy sustainable products through mylagro?

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Eat better, healthy, and sustainable

Why mylagro?

Farmers grow the food on our table, every day. In turn, as a consumer, you have a greater interest and curiosity in eating seasonal, healthy and local products. At mylagro, we help you connect with local producers, buying their products directly, without intermediaries, skipping complex processes within the food chain.

Our vision is to democratize the access of agricultural producers to the market, regardless of the size of their farm and make the producer the well deserved hero of the food chain story.

The mylagro platform has been created to give you control over what you eat and its economic, social and ecological impact.

With mylagro, it's easy to shop for a wider selection of seasonal, organic, free-rang

Animals raised outdoors

, “imperfect”

Many consumers have become accustomed to buying "perfect" looking products, but this is not the reality for agriculture and this practice results in enormous food waste

food and from certified local farms. We are constantly investing in our technology platform, improving our customer service and optimizing our logistics to provide you with a better shopping experience.

According to the study " The Future of Commerce" , conducted by Shopify -one of the pioneering e-commerce platforms-, due to Covid-19 pandemic, 65% of Spanish consumers changed the way they shop. 25% of respondents have shopped at a local business already six months after the pandemic started.


Buy sustainable and fresh agricultural products easily and with lower costs

  • Fair trade directly from the producer, without intermediaries

    Our platform allows you to support both small local producers and organic producers. Prices are set by the producers, we provide them full transparency of the costs of each transaction, and you can chat directly with each farmer.

  • Intuitive and interactive web

    The mylagro website allows intuitive use from any smartphone. The order management is done from your mobile device, and we have developed other features so that you can enjoy a great shopping experience.

  • Receive your product in 24 hours

    Delivery will be made 24 hours after the producer prepares the order.

    Mylagro offers logistics services with more than 500 delivery offices in Spain that will allow you to receive your chosen products in 24 hours, to any delivery point in Spain.

  • Advanced search

    You can search by different criteria: product category, proximity, organic products, free-range

    Animals raised outdoors

    , “imperfect”

    Many consumers have become accustomed to buying "perfect" looking products, but this is not the reality for agriculture and this practice results in enormous food waste.

    , products, certified farms and more.
  • Prices up to 30% more competitive

    Through the mylagro platform, you will get prices up to 30% below what the intermediaries offer.

How does it work?

Through an efficient purchasing process and an intuitive interface

Search your products

Search by farms or by products using keywords, filters and other criteria. Add the products to your shopping cart. We recommend maximizing the amounts and amounts for each farm since some have a minimum sale amount.


Create your orders

Each purchase order will be registered for each farm in your shopping cart.


Pay easily online

Transact with the confidence offered by our efficient and transparent payment system which protects you and the producer. The money transferred to the producer will be guaranteed 2 days after the delivery of your products so that you have enough time to share with him any comments, to ask him for clarifications or make claims. In case you don’t reach an agreement, you can escalate your claim to mylagro, but keep in mind that this will negatively affect the producer’s reputation.


Rate and comment your favorite products

As a mylagro customer, you will be able to rate and comment the products you have purchased. Each assessment of the product quality is a way to share the recognition to your producer’s hard work and this will help him/her/his in promoting their farm.


Follow your favorite farms

If you wish, you can follow the news about your favorite farms and products in your control panel to ease re-purchase.


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